Glenn Tucker


progress, forward momentum, solution of problems
meditation, time in a positive headspace, flow
confronting the unknown
acknowledgement of the creator and the creation

necessary accompaniment for life, not subservient to what it accompanies but flexible and supportive
escape from or intensification of one's experience of reality
part of a healthy lifestyle
a part of all life functions
a break from linear time
a visit to another time or place
time with friends

democracy and respect in action
a culture and music of inclusion
a connection between generations, races, and backgrounds

or to quote Duke Ellington,
(from Music Is My Mistress)

What is music to you?
What would you be without music?

Music is everything.
Nature is music (cicadas on the tropical night).

The sea is music,
The wind is music,
Primitive elements are music, agreeable or discordant.

The rain drumming on the roof,
And the storm raging in the sky are music.

Every country in the world has its own music,
And the music becomes an ambassador;
The tango in Argentina and calypso in Antilles.

Music is the oldest entity.

A baby is born, and music puts him to sleep.
He can’t read, he can’t understand a picture,
But he will listen to music.

Music is marriage.

Music is death.

The scope of music is immense and infinite.
It is the “esperanto” of the world.

Music arouses courage and leads you to war.
The Romans used to have drums rolling before they attacked.
We have the bugle to sound reveille and pay homage to the brave warrior.

The Marseillaise has led many generations to victories or revolutions,
It is a chant of wild excitement, and delirium, and pride.

Music is eternal,
Music is divine.

You pray to your God with music.

Music can dictate moods,
It can ennerve or subdue,
Subjugate, exhaust, astound the heart.

Music is a cedar,
An evergreen tree of fragrant, durable wood.

Music is like honor and pride,
Free from defect, damage, or decay.

Without music I may feel blind, atrophied, incomplete, inexistent.