Glenn Tucker


Glenn Tucker is an accomplished jazz pianist, organist, composer, and arranger based in Ann Arbor. He was mentored by Claude Black and later studied with Geri Allen, making him a member of the youngest generation of the Detroit piano lineage. He is a versatile sideman, with experience in traditional jazz, (James Dapogny, Mike Karoub, Dave Bennett) straight-ahead jazz, (George “Sax” Benson, Barbara Morrison, Vincent York, Larry Smith, Paul Keller) modern jazz, (Wendell Harrison, Andrew Bishop, Vincent Chandler) and organ jazz (Perry Hughes, Leonard King). From 2014-16, Glenn toured with R&B bassist/singer Michael Henderson. In 2016, Glenn was selected from an international search to be pianist for the eleventh class of the Thelonious Monk Institute at UCLA; he resided in Los Angeles from 2016-18. Glenn has released Determination (Detroit Music Factory, 2015) Dreamers (duo with George “Sax” Benson, PKO, 2016) and Abundances (Polyfold, 2017).

"A bonafide jazz sensation" - Charles Lattimer, I Dig Jazz

"Tucker has a ringing piano tone, a percussive pop to his articulation and a natural fluency and clarity...that grabs your ear and holds your attention." - Mark Stryker, The Detroit Free Press

“Recalling Harlem’s intricate bebop style of yore, Tucker’s distinct phrasing and dueling technical and improvisational ability have earned him respect among his mentors and older peers, while inspiring those younger, leading by example, that jazz is not an old man’s art.”
- Ryan A Bunch, Current Magazine

"[Dreamers] digs deep into the timeless essential aspects of jazz in a relaxed and yet emotionally direct manner. This is jazz stripped down to emotional essentials, with two masters of time who are in no need of bass and drums." - PIotr Michalowski, Ann Arbor Observer

"Pianist/organist Tucker has an intense and jagged style in his compositions and performance. His tunes often contain abrupt punctuation, especially on the Hammond B3. Both the tonality of the recording and the focus and energy Tucker brings to his arrangements make this a standout release." - Hobert Taylor, KUCI

"Glenn Tucker is a versatile and creative composer and pianist who plays stunning solos and experiments with a variety of settings to create different textures and moods...As the disc develops and the styles shift, it captures the listener’s attention more and more deeply until its conclusion, by which time Tucker and company have fully proven their mettle." - Dave Rodger, KTJU

"The selections were interspersed with short readings, setting just the right tone in the Christmas season. The quartet was really cooking on the more up-tempo pieces with Stephen Grady (only 20) on tenor sax, Tucker’s powerful chording, Ben Rolston’s solid walking bass, and Jesse Kramer’s relaxed yet powerful drumming...[Tucker's] blending of jazz and classical material is masterful and likely to produce more in the future." - Lars Bjorn, Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association Update